Ace’s Reviews – Books and Audiobooks

The Golfers Mind – Dr. Bob RotellaThe Golfer’s Mind

This one is a miss by Dr. Bob. There are some good mental checklists therein but the audiobook could have been 10 minutes long.

High Stakes – Dick Francis

High Stakes A steeple chase horse owner uncovers a betrayal by his long time business associate. Lucky to be alive and his worst fears confirmed, this victim of a cruel confidence scheme gets revenge with a High Stakes con of his own. A book that pulls you in right out of the starting gate!

A very good read. His writing style can best be described as charming.

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect – Dr. Bob Rotella

Golf is not a game of perfectI just purchased and began to listen to an Audiobook called Golf is not a Game of Perfect by Doctor Bob Rotella. He fancies himself a “sports enlarger” as opposed to “sports shrink.” He’s given advise to the likes of Price, Kite and Daly to name a few. My initial thought was “Oh no! Another ‘positive thoughts’ book!” (and I was partially right) but this one works. I listened to the 1st couple of chapters focusing on mental preparation and, believe it or not, I shaved 3 strokes during that round. Talk about real-time results!

Q SchoolTales from Q School: Golf’s Fifth Major – John Feinstein

I just finished listening to Tales from Q School: Golf’s Fifth Major and I thought it was fantastic. It really leaves you with a sense of how incredibly difficult it is to make it to the tour. It is also one of the more humorous golf books on the market. Funny stories are sprinkled about and there are plenty of underdogs to root for. I highly recommend it for golf lovers. Especially those who follow the PGA or Nationwide tours.

  1. Q School - Fighting for their Livelihood! « Golf Ace

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