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Golf Ace Reaches a New Plateau

\Last week Golf Ace reached 10,000 page views! Thanks to all of the readers. I have just settle on the topic list for new blog entries for this summer. Visit later this week to see the list of new content.

Also, you may have noticed that Golf Ace is getting some corporate love. Several companies have allowed me to become an affiliate. Now you can find some of the products that I’ve reviewed  and make your purchase right away.

Thanks again for your readership.



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A Special Thanks to the Readers!

Dear Readers,

Golf Ace has reached an average readership of 1200+ readers a month. We’ve had steady growth in readership in the last couple of months and the blog has done much better than I had ever dreamed.Readership Trend

I have been taking some time away from writing primarily because the golf season really hasn’t started here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. Of course I steal as many golf days from Ole’ Man Winter as humanly possible, but it is a far cry from the daily play I got last year beginning in February last year (Indian Summers are great!). So rest assured that I’ll be posting on a regular basis (and hopefully playing daily as well).

I have a couple of new gadgets to review and lots to say about Tiger and friends so thank you very much for you continued readership and check back in a week or two. I will be taking a vacation to Los Cabos Country Club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the 20th of April so I am sure I’ll be writing about that trip as well.

Oh! And to the person who swiped my Callaway Forged+ sand wedge on the 18th at Bear Creek in Houston, Texas: I don’t like your Callaway Forged Tour sand wedge that you turned in instead of mine –> though I do appreciate you turning in my club stand in with it. Your Tour wedge is way too dead for my taste. I have to swing it a lot harder than my Forged + to get the same distance so contact me if you care to clear your conscience.

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“Meaningful” Golf Remains; Illness Sidelines the Golf Ace

This is one of the most exciting times in golf.  Yes, the majors are done.  The Prez Cup is over.  All that’s left that most of the public will watch is the Ryder Cup.  But for a true golf fan, you can still see so “meaningful golf“.   A large number of golfers on the Nationwide Tour are vying for 25  PGA Tour cards.  The top 25 at the end of the fall season get ’em = the rest go to Q school <– another pressure cooker.  Also, the top 125 on the money list already on the PGA Tour get their cards renewed for next season.  There are a number of notables fighting in these lasts tournaments to win enough money to get those cards renewed.  Jesper Parnevik and Justin Leonard are among those battling it out at the Valero Texas Open.

On a personal note:  The change of seasons have done a number on my sinuses.  I’ve been out of commission for 3 days.  No golf in 3 days!   The weather here has been great but I’ve been dealing with sinus pressure that made me feel like my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head!  It got so bad that I missed work as well.  I couldn’t even sleep.  The fever broke about 8:30 tonight.  I’ll try to get in a couple of holes tomorrow AM.  I am working on a post regarding golf balls.  I’ll post again before Monday.

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New features on the Blog

I wanted to point out that there are a couple new features on the blog:

  1. There is a link to my companion blog Pitch and Putt. It contains quick hit posts on whatever I am thinking about at the time and just want to get down on paper. It’s not really topic based. It’s more stream of consciousness type blogging.
  2. I have added boxnet so that I can provide supplemental information (documents, spreadsheets, etc.) when applicable. There are a couple of helpful aids stored there now – a pre-shot routine and a club distance chart. Take a look.
  3. I have added he ability to express your opinions in the form of polls. Comment on any posting if you have suggestions of good poll questions.
  4. Now you can subscribe to the blog using the subscription icon to the right corner of the blog rss. You will be able to view new posts via your RSS Reader. I personally use the google reader
  5. Lastly, I have added a page under Pages that I can copy my previews/reviews of whatever I happen to be listening to or reading. If you are looking for something interesting to pick up. You may get some ideas there.

Let me know how you like the new features!


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Sunday is the Day!

NCAA 08 FootballI have had a really nutty week: an ex-wife of questionable mental faculty is causing me legal issues, a business proposal has kept me at work until the wee hours of the morn, my Amana refrigerator has stopped working (replaced this morning with a new Samsung) and I have somehow become instantly addicted to EA Sports NCAA 08 Football. Though my club course has our annual President’s Cup tourney, I am determined to get on an play at least nine. I’ll use this Sunday to launch myself back into my weekday morning ritual — nine before work!

PS. My new shiny black frig has several scratches on the front face. The promise date for the replacement will told to me on Monday.

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A pilgrimage to. . . Fenway Park!

Green MonsterMe and the wife went to Boston to see the Sox vs the Texas Rangers. It was one of the happiest days of my life. What a blast. Sox won and I got to see it in person with the best lady on the planet!

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