A Special Thanks to the Readers!

Dear Readers,

Golf Ace has reached an average readership of 1200+ readers a month. We’ve had steady growth in readership in the last couple of months and the blog has done much better than I had ever dreamed.Readership Trend

I have been taking some time away from writing primarily because the golf season really hasn’t started here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. Of course I steal as many golf days from Ole’ Man Winter as humanly possible, but it is a far cry from the daily play I got last year beginning in February last year (Indian Summers are great!). So rest assured that I’ll be posting on a regular basis (and hopefully playing daily as well).

I have a couple of new gadgets to review and lots to say about Tiger and friends so thank you very much for you continued readership and check back in a week or two. I will be taking a vacation to Los Cabos Country Club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the 20th of April so I am sure I’ll be writing about that trip as well.

Oh! And to the person who swiped my Callaway Forged+ sand wedge on the 18th at Bear Creek in Houston, Texas: I don’t like your Callaway Forged Tour sand wedge that you turned in instead of mine –> though I do appreciate you turning in my club stand in with it. Your Tour wedge is way too dead for my taste. I have to swing it a lot harder than my Forged + to get the same distance so contact me if you care to clear your conscience.

  1. #1 by T on April 4, 2008 - 1:30 am

    Cool site, congrats on 1,200 – that’s huge! I’ll be sure to continue to come back

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