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Played a great 9 holes today! Grip Tip

. . . but didn’t keep my score.  I met some of my buddies for “pre-work” 9 holes this morning.  No real weaknesses in the game today.  I did manage to make a mess of 2 holes.  A duck hook off of the 7th and a topper off the 9th were the only real blemishes.

Thanks to a great tip from my dad (rotating my right hand to form the v between my thumb and pointer finger over the top of the grip) and another slight adjustment (moving my thumb on my left hand from the top of the grip to the right side of the grip), I have tamed my fade and hit it very straight.  Try this tip during your next practice round. . . and keep the score!


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A Special Thanks to the Readers!

Dear Readers,

Golf Ace has reached an average readership of 1200+ readers a month. We’ve had steady growth in readership in the last couple of months and the blog has done much better than I had ever dreamed.Readership Trend

I have been taking some time away from writing primarily because the golf season really hasn’t started here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. Of course I steal as many golf days from Ole’ Man Winter as humanly possible, but it is a far cry from the daily play I got last year beginning in February last year (Indian Summers are great!). So rest assured that I’ll be posting on a regular basis (and hopefully playing daily as well).

I have a couple of new gadgets to review and lots to say about Tiger and friends so thank you very much for you continued readership and check back in a week or two. I will be taking a vacation to Los Cabos Country Club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the 20th of April so I am sure I’ll be writing about that trip as well.

Oh! And to the person who swiped my Callaway Forged+ sand wedge on the 18th at Bear Creek in Houston, Texas: I don’t like your Callaway Forged Tour sand wedge that you turned in instead of mine –> though I do appreciate you turning in my club stand in with it. Your Tour wedge is way too dead for my taste. I have to swing it a lot harder than my Forged + to get the same distance so contact me if you care to clear your conscience.

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