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Christmas Message; Next Post Tease

Wishing all the readers a very Merry Christmas! I’ll be writing a review of the Sunnto G6 watch that I purchased last week. I’ve heard really great things about it and am anxious to try it out. The Sunnto G6 measures several aspects of your swing including Swing Speed, Backswing Length, Rhythm an Tempo. It also gauges your consistency with the swing measurements. It’s always about consistency!

Merry Christmas from Ace!


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Q School – Fighting for their Livelihood!

Fighting for their Livelihood is not too strong a statement for these guys. They are playing for a relatively large purse and a large jump in potential lifetime earnings. I am not sure if there is a parallel in any other sport. 6 rounds of golf where every stroke counts. The top 25 finishers and ties will earn 2008 U.S. PGA Tour cards. The others are looking at much smaller purses on the Nationwide Tour. I am not sure how they handle that pressure.

two glovesMy favorite story among the field is Tommy “two gloves” Gainey! Nicknamed “two gloves” because he wears a black glove on both of his hands during play. Some of you might remember him as the very likable contestant on the Golf Channel’s reality TV show Big Break IV. Tommy Gainey was eliminated in the seventh episode. He is presently 4th at the Crooked Cat Course in Winter Garden, Florida. Good luck Tommy! <– Not that he’ll need it. He is scary talented.notah

Another “notable” is Notah Begay III (hehe). You may know him as a real up and comer and best pals with Tiger Woods. Well he’s not doing so well right now as he is presently 88th — way outside the number. I hope he finds him game on the Nationwide Tour next year. I am predicting that he’ll try to play on one of the other smaller tours (European, Asian) outside of the US instead as the purses are higher.Q School

If you can’t relate to this golf story and you are a fan, take time to read Tales from Q School: Inside Golf’s Fifth Major by John Feinstein. It is one of the best golf books out there. The stories of the players will suck you in and stick with you long after you’ve put the book down. Read my review of the book in previous posts under Ace’s Reviews – Books and Audiobooks.

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