Fake Callaways Golf Clubs: A Guide to Finding Authentic Clubs Online (Part 2 – The Traps)

TrapsHow do the sellers get buyers to buy these clubs? Here are just a few lures that the unscrupulous sellers use to reel in the big fish.

The Perfect Feedback Score (AKA Trust Me!): A ratings of 100% positive feedback is not uncommon for these rip off artists. However, if you analyze the feedback you’ll find that the score will usually show less than a couple hundred persons leaving feedback. The feedback is mostly from sellers, not buyers. And my favorite wrinkle in the inflated feedback ploy is that the positive feedback is primarily from buyers and is usually from transactions made more than 6 months ago. Feedback after six months ensures that you are not able to see what they’ve bought or sold as the postings have been archived by the site.

The Pressure Sale: Most of the time the item will be sold with a “Buy Now” item option with a very reasonable price and an short auction deadline, enticing the buyer to buy it before someone else finds the unbelievable deal. The seller will often be selling a large number of clubs in auctions set to expire around the same time so that they can dump their inventory before any bad feedback is given. Be patient, a good deal can be hadof you apply my tips.

New Clubs are Better than Used, Right?: Usually the counterfeiter will list the club as new and show the same stock picture for all their clubs. Callaway and other club companies strictly control who can resell their clubs. If you can get new clubs for hundreds less from some schmuck online, why would Dick’s Sporting Goods put them on the shelves at twice the price? If the picture is not an actual picture taken of the club, ask for a picture of the actual item. Often, the picture won’t match the description, for example the a picture of a left handed club is displayed for a club with a description of a right handed club. Generic descriptions are common as well.

My Loss is Your Gain: Does the seller explain his willingness to part with the clubs at a bargain-basement price by claiming that he “won the clubs” in a tournament or raffle, or that they were “a gift” that he doesn’t need? I see this VERY OFTEN on Craigslist! Sellers of counterfeit golf clubs on the Internet often use these and other reasons to justify the suspiciously low price. I’ve even seen the “my husband was injured” or “my Dad just past away and the family needs the money” ploys used.

So you have The Facts in Part 1 and The Traps in Part 2. Look for my 3rd and last post in this series where I will cover how to protect yourself when you make that online club purchase. Please comment if you find these posts helpful.

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