Woody Austin’s Whiff Putt – No Stroke? COME ON!

Now I really can’t stand this guy! If you saw the missed stoke by the Woodpecker on hole 15 of the 3rd round of the FedExCup, you know what I mean. You can see the video in the VoPod Video link in the next column (Stroke or Not) but suffice it to say that my playing chums would have read me the riot act if I tried that in a casual game, let alone a PGA tour event.

From the looks of it Mark Calcavecchia will be paired with Tiger in the final round on Sunday. Calc seems to be a good guy. I hope Tiger wins but wouldn’t be too upset if Calccalc took the tournament. Tiger appears to have both hands firmly gripped on the FedExCup. It would take a serious meltdown for him to loose it now.


  1. #1 by Bill on September 16, 2007 - 5:21 am

    There’s no question in my mind that Woody whiffed the short putt on the 15th hole, I predict that his denying he intended to make a stroke will be his downfall! Vijay Singh has played his entire PGA career under a cloud as a cheater (Two years after turning professional, in 1984, Singh won the Malaysian PGA Championship. However, his career was plunged into crisis after he was suspended from the Asian Tour in 1985 over allegations he doctored his scorecard. It was alleged that he lowered his score from one over to one under in order to make the cut, but Singh denies this, saying that in any case, it should only have resulted in disqualification from the event rather than a ban.)

    From now on Woody Austin will be remembered as the guy who cheated in the Tour Championship.

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