Woody Austin is an @$$!

A Big Woody!According to the Official PGA Tour site Woody is quoted as saying of Tiger Woods “He’s just hard to catch. He’s not hard to beat if you’re playing as well and you’re right there,” said Austin. “But if you let him get in front of you, like I said, he’s hard to catch.”

One question folks: When has Woody Austin beaten Tiger Woods at anything other than methane gas production!? I can’t get over this guy. He out scores Woods at the PGA Championship one or two rounds, still looses to Tiger and gets a woody about how the crowds are cheering him on. Golf is a game of consistency. Most tournaments are not won on a single round of scoring. Beat him today and tomorrow and I’ll give you props Woody! Until then, keep your pie hole shut and play golf.

RoryOh! And a note to Rory Sabbatini: Calling for forfeiture for missing one of the Tour Championship venues is the only way you and 90% of the field would have a chance at beating Tiger out of his 1st FedExCup. For some odd reason, Rory doesn’t get under my skin nearly as much as “the Woody”. I guess I feel sorry that his parents saw fit to saddle their son with the first name Rory.

They both should take a page from Steve Stricker’s book. Class and a great golf game will get the crowds cheering for you. Be the better player over the 4 days of a tournament and you might just win something.


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