What’s in the Bag? Gadgets: Sky Caddie


Let me start by saying the Sky Caddie by Sky Golf is the single most impressive golf gadget that you can purchase. This is more the case if you: 1. have trouble judging your distances or 2. are new to golf. Couple this gadget with a distance chart (see my previous posts on Two Keys to a Better Round) and you’ll shave stroke off of your score in no time. For specific details on the different models available visit https://www.skygolfgps.com. My model is the SG2. sg2 It includes yardages to not only the front, center and back of the green from where you are playing but also has IntelliGreen which show yardages to hazards and safe zones for tee and approach shots. You an also move the cursor to the pin position on the green to get a really accurate distance calculation for an approach shot or long pitch. If your course isn’t one of the thousands listed (I have yet to find one that I play that isn’t in the online database – including executive courses), you can map the course yourself and save it for use for yourself or other Sky Caddie users. Activation does require an annual subscription (I believe it was around $50). Moreover, if you are an international traveler you can also get a subscription to courses worldwide.

Click to see the courses that I have loaded on my Sky Caddie:

sg2 my couses

Go and get yours today!


  1. #1 by David Jackson on March 12, 2008 - 12:32 am

    I have a SG2 and loved using it. Shortly after I bought it, I lost two of the three screws that hold the back cover on. I could not find any hardware store, electronics store or jeweler that had the same screw. I tried contacting sky caddie to order replacements. No one bothered to return my email or phone calls. After about a year of use, the yardage was off by as much as 8 yards at 150 out. Again I attempted to call and I wrote email, I never received a single response. This last weekend, I connected it to my computer to load a new course. Their software indicated my SK2 needed an update. I answered yes for the update. Now my SK2 won’t even turn on. I called the company, received a voice machine and left a message. I emailed them again. It’s been two days, plenty of time to respond and not one single reply. I like the system, but am fed up with the lack of customer service. I bought a range finder today. Some companies have poor customers service. Sky Caddie has NONE. If you buy their product, just pray you don’t have any trouble with it.

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