New features on the Blog

I wanted to point out that there are a couple new features on the blog:

  1. There is a link to my companion blog Pitch and Putt. It contains quick hit posts on whatever I am thinking about at the time and just want to get down on paper. It’s not really topic based. It’s more stream of consciousness type blogging.
  2. I have added boxnet so that I can provide supplemental information (documents, spreadsheets, etc.) when applicable. There are a couple of helpful aids stored there now – a pre-shot routine and a club distance chart. Take a look.
  3. I have added he ability to express your opinions in the form of polls. Comment on any posting if you have suggestions of good poll questions.
  4. Now you can subscribe to the blog using the subscription icon to the right corner of the blog rss. You will be able to view new posts via your RSS Reader. I personally use the google reader
  5. Lastly, I have added a page under Pages that I can copy my previews/reviews of whatever I happen to be listening to or reading. If you are looking for something interesting to pick up. You may get some ideas there.

Let me know how you like the new features!


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