It’s Time for an Intervention!

This addict is in crisis! I have always coveted the Callaway Fusion Big Bertha Irons. They’d gotten great reviews andFusion Construction were touted as a very forgiving club with very high performance. I first saw them in the local golf store. I was curious whether I could ‘feel’ the difference between theses high tech irons and my current set of Callaway Big Bertha 2004 Irons. There is a difference and it was love at first swing. To be completely honest I have never felt the ball fly off of the club face like that before. Moreover, the shots were straight as an arrow. I did try the Fusions with steel shafts but the feel was less impressive than the graphite.

FusionWell friends, sometime next week, I’ll have a set in my bag. Through the magic of eBay, I was able to purchase a set of Callaway RCH 75i Regular Flex Graphite shafted Callaway Fusion Big Bertha Irons 4-PW for $497 with shipping! This set goes for $1,199.00in stores and doesn’t get below $750 used. I bought them from a Powerseller who has an 99 rating and has over 24,000 transactions. I am pretty confident that they’ll be legit and I know how to tell the fakes. The guy gets them on trade in or pays a max of $350 for the set. He makes a little profit and finds the clubs new homes.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to test your Fusions for authenticity:

  1. The serial number (located on the 8 iron) has 10 digits. Fakes frequently have nine or 11 digits.
  2. Check the serial number with Callaway (you can call or check through their website). They’ll verify it as authentic and will
  3. The real fusions have a visible seam near the perimeter of the club face where the titanium face is plasma welded to the body. The fakes do not.
  4. The real fusions do not have numbering on the club face itself. Some fakes do.
  5. Compare the numbering font on the sole of the club sole to a club in your local golf store. No match = fake.
  6. The shaft logos on fake often read “RCH System 75” instead of “RCH System 75i”.
  7. The shaft logo should be charcoal grey in color.
  8. Magnets will stick to clubface of the fake clubs. The real clubs are made of tungsten/titanium and magnets will not stick to the clubface.

The only thing left to do is break it to the wife. Wish me luck!

  1. #1 by Paul on September 1, 2007 - 1:25 pm


    Not only are you a true golf addict, you are a very sick person!

    I am carrying a Woody, Spoon, Mid-iron, Driving Iron, Niblick, Water Mashie, Track Iron, and Cran Cleek. All have wooden shafts. I am having lots of fun, but maybe I should try something new. What do you think?

  2. #2 by Joseph T Murphy on September 4, 2007 - 9:07 pm


    Also ask Callaway if they are “hot”. Sometimes people report stolen clubs to the manufacturer hoping someone will do just that.

    Since no good deed goes unpunished, you will have to return them to the rightful owner. If the seller is reputable, he should refund your money. If he’s not, consider it a moderately expensive lesson in the dangers of e-commerce.

    The Mild Weasel

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