A Triple Bogey. . .STAY CALM!

The irony in that statement should be obvious. Staying calm as I flub the third chip on a hole that I have ‘owned’ for the last two weeks was not even remotely possible! I was over the bend, on tilt, out of my mind with anger! Three chips to hit Golf is not a game of perfecta green larger than most par 3 fairways (exaggeration)? This coming from a guy nicknamed Madison Ave because of his “great pitches.” Here is a true confession: the better I get the harder I am on myself. I ended up shooting bogey golf (+9 on the front 9 holes). That’s a score I would have paid cash money for 8 months ago. After my triple bogey on 7, I had to resist the temptation to break the club. I forgot about the par just made on the hole before. I forgot about the birdie on 3. I really melted down. Then I heard Doc Rotella in my head – author of Golf is not a Game of Perfect (an excellent read) – “Forget the hole. Focus and make a good shot on the next.” I feel a pretty good that I was able calm down and get a birdie look on the next hole (had to settle for a par). I double bogeyed the 9th but that was due to a lapse with the flat stick. My rant is over.

Q School
By the way, I just finished listening to Tales from Q School: Golf’s Fifth Major and I thought it was fantastic. It really leaves you with a sense of how incredibly difficult it is to make it to the tour. It is also one of the more humorous golf books on the market. Funny stories are sprinkled about and there are plenty of underdogs to root for. I highly recommend it for golf lovers. Especially those who follow the PGA or Nationwide tours.

  1. #1 by Poor Golfer on September 15, 2007 - 8:24 am

    i m ready to get this book . is it available as the e books?

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