Two Keys to a Better Round


One thing that will help your golf game is knowing your club distances. I am constantly amazed at the numbers of friends and casual pairings that have no clue about how far they hit their clubs. Take the time on the range to learn which clubs you hit well and how far the ball will travel. Start with full swings then begin to learn what half and quarter swings will do to the distance and ball flight. Couple this knowledge with how comfortable you are with each club and you’ll be able to choose the most reliable, repeatable shot that you can execute. For example: I have a mental block with my 7 iron — I tend to squirt it left when most of my other clubs draw or fade. I’ll often choose to put a little extra into an 8 iron or hit a soft 6 hybrid instead.

Pre-shot RoutineAnother thing that will put consistency in your game is a good pre-shot routine. I emphasize ROUTINE! Don’t skip it. Chat a little less on the tee and do it over and over again. Do it with approach shots, chips and putts. Everyone wants a grooved swing. We want to be in the slot with every shot. A pre-shot routing is the foundation of the grooved swing. I have attached my pre-shot routine. Try it and let me know how it works for you. I also have an example of a club distance chart. Make your own pre-shot routine and club distance chart using the excel spreadsheet files that I have included in the web application in the next column. Club DistancesClick the pics to see examples. Once you have decided what your routine is and what distances you hit your clubs, print them out and laminate them. Carry them in your yardage book or hole punch them and attach them to your bag for easy access!

  1. #1 by Paul on August 30, 2007 - 1:14 am

    Reading your ‘Keys to a Better Round’ is like reading “Golfing My Way” by Jack Nicholas. Thats good stuff!

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