Hocus Focus?

Golf is not a game of perfectI just purchased and began to listen to an Audiobook called “Golf is not a Game of Perfect” by Doctor Bob Rotella. He fancies himself a “sports enlarger” as opposed to “sports shrink.” Anyway, he’s given advise to the likes of Price, Kite and Daly to name a few. My initial thought was “oh no another ‘positive thoughts’ book” (and I was partially right) but this one works. I listened to the 1st couple of chapters focusing on mental preparation and, believe it or not, I shaved 3 strokes during that round. Talk about real-time results! I shot a personal best +4 on the front 9. An 18 foot birdie on 8 made me a believer. I didn’t get too high for the great shots and stayed positive after the shots that missed. I got into that groove golfers talk about — not really thinking about what got themselves where they were in the round (good or bad). I was just thinking about the shot at hand — trying to make every shot go in the hole. The payoff: some actually did. That’s not to imply the books title is wrong, I was not perfect (not close) but I did give myself the best opportunity with each shot that I took. My putting was great and my chipping certainly didn’t hurt me. It was the first front or back nine that I have ever played without a double bogey. I have had great rounds full of pars and a birdie or two but a ‘double b’ would always sneak in.

Round of 31Here’s the scorecard for this morning’s round. I am only a quarter of the way through the audiobook but would already recommend it.


  1. #1 by Mild Weasel on August 21, 2007 - 4:37 pm

    Dale Carnagie, Norman Vincent Peale, Bishop Sheen and Dr. Phil beware!

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