TrophyI made my 1st hole-in-one on July 15th 2007. It was the coolest single thing that has happened to me from a personal sports perspective. Below is the story about the hole-in-one:
The hole was playing around 140 according to the Sky Caddie. I selected my 8 iron and placed the ball on the turf, no tee. I like to play it that way to simulate fairway conditions. I had been hitting the ball extremely well and felt very relaxed hitting the shot. The flag was slightly right of center. I usually hit a fade so I lined the ball a bit left. The shot was fairly straight with an ever so slight left to right movement.

Hole in One
The ball hit the green once – approximately 10 yards in front of the pin and about 3 yards left of the pin. One bounce and in the cup she went — hitting the base of the flagstick and making a loud clank that sent my heart rate straight up. Walking and praying (leaving my bag at the tee with my wife) turned to a slight jog as I got a better view. No ball in sight. Then the jog became a bounding run. My wife said I looked like Shrek running through the field. Still no ball! I saw the ball in the cup and screamed – Aiweeee! I did it! A hole in one! I received a round of applause from a couple of guys that we had just let play through and an older couple gave me a thumbs up as the made their way to their next shot. It was fantastic. I still can’t believe it!

  1. #1 by The Grand View on July 30, 2007 - 1:05 am

    Congrats. I had my second on Friday July 27th.

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